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ruby-tmpl: Mailing Lists

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The following mailing lists are available for ruby-tmpl. To subscribe to a list, simply click on one or more of the links below and fill in the appropriate information.

ruby-tmpl-announce ruby-tmpl-announce is a low-volume mailing list that is used to inform users of new versions of the ruby-tmpl software. Every user, developer, and person who has an interest in ruby-tmpl should be subscribed to this list.
ruby-tmpl-users ruby-tmpl-users is a general discussion mailing lists that deals primarily with HOW-TO, user, troubleshooting, and installation questions. If the question isn't technical and doesn't deal with the code in ruby-tmpl, then it belongs on this list.
ruby-tmpl-devel ruby-tmpl-devel is oriented toward ruby-tmpl developers (people who make ruby-tmpl, not people who develop sites using ruby-tmpl). Topics common on this list are discussions relating to new features, bug fixes, and documentation fixes.
ruby-tmpl-devel-cvs ruby-tmpl-devel-cvs is for the gear heads that like to know when a file changes, why it changed, and who made the change at what time. Watch ruby-tmpl development as it happens.

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